Blending Positive Psychology and Educational Best Practices

Welcome to Education Ecology™: identifying, preserving and developing what works well in both schools and individuals, in support of a flourishing future. Built on the science of Positive Psychology and rooted in years of educational best practices, this approach is strengths-based and asset–focused.

 Does your child have trouble with:

·       decoding or reading comprehension?

·       remembering facts?

·       academic learning?

·       organizing personal belongings?

·       planning and executing school (and other) work ?

·       homework: getting started, completing it, remembering to turn it in?

·       test-taking, every day and standardized?

·       personal responsibility? 

Are you frustrated?

Do you feel as if you have tried everything? Are you tired of the see-saw of helplessly watching your child struggle and wondering if it really is just a laziness problem? (It isn’t.) Do you want an approach that incorporates the best practices of education with the science of positive psychology?  What’s Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the study of human strengths, happiness, psychological well-being, social well-being, positive emotion and quality of life. It looks at building positive emotion, positive traits, and positive institutions through three pathways: happiness, engagement and meaning.

 It’s about finding out what is good and making more of it and is hence very success oriented.  When positive psychology focuses on failures, it is with the use of strengths in mind to overcome them.  It doesn’t “fix.”

Applied Positive Psychology is a set of technologies for delivering practical uses of positive psychology science. These address the very real need to deal with life’s problems but are based on empirically validated approaches that “broaden and build” our positive emotion, and focus on our strengths and abilities.

You’ll learn more about these approaches here, so stay tuned.


4 responses to “Blending Positive Psychology and Educational Best Practices

  1. Sherri,
    I have been reading your entries on pos psy daily and find your positive, asset building approach a breath of fresh air. I really like the emphasis on your flourishing students page on developing self efficacy. Just reading that page made me feel more hopeful! Many people seem to misunderstand our mission in helping kids find their unique style; it seems that they believe we are trying to just give them an “excuse” to give up when they can’t perform as well as their peers on traditional math and reading tasks. We know, from the positive psychology research, that people are happiest when they use their strengths to find meaning, pleasure and connection in their lives. I applaud your efforts and look forward to reading more .

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