Get Your High Schoolers to Tell How They Learn

Originally published by Positive Psychology News Daily

 By Editor S.M. Editor S.M.'s website Editor S.M.'s email

Positive Psychology News Daily, NY (Editor S.M.) – April 10, 2007, 12:15 amWe here at Positive Psychology News Daily are very proud to be among 5 brain-and-psychology websites co-sponsoring an essay contest for high school students!

THE TOPIC:  “Based on brain research, what is learning and how do we learn?”

THE WINNERS:  Ten winning essays will be published on the five websites hosting the contest.  We here at Positive Psychology News Daily will publish two of the ten winning essays on May 20, 2007.  Additionally, the winning essays will be submitted to blog carnivals, and will receive a free annual subscription to TuitionCoach.

Please submit your essay of 400-800 words by May 10, 2007 (directions below).  We also encourage teachers to tell their high school students! We have written about learning here extensively including these articles by Sherri Fisher, Kathryn Britton, Dave Shearon, Sulynn, Derrick Carpenter, David J. Pollay, John Yeager, Elizabeth Peterson, Doug TurnerKathryn again, and Sherri again

Please tell every high school student you know!  The primary sponsor is SharpBrains.  We are honored to be participating in this contest.



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