About the writer:

Sherri Fisher, MAPP, M.Ed, CPBS, is an insightful and creative educational management coach for families and children (www.studentflourishing.com) and an executive coach for educational leaders (www.rightfitcareerdesign.com .  She is a graduate of the world’s first graduate degree program in Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania’s MAPP.  With MAPP colleagues John Yeager and Dave Shearon she is a consultant for Flourishing Schools. See her monthly column on the 5th of each month in the Positive Psychology Daily News.  There is great information here every day.

Education Ecology, Sherri’s approach to empowering both individuals and institutions to use their existing strengths and talents to foster flourishing learning communities, is a refreshing alternative to the more common focus on fixing what is wrong with students, education and educators (www.flourishingschools.org). 

With over 20 years experience working as a teacher, program director and curriculum designer, both privately and within mainstream educational environments, Sherri has continuously broadened her expertise to support those whose school, home, work and social performance are affected by various learning differences, and has often served as a mentor and teacher of teachers. Her private clients have included the highly gifted, those with dyslexia, attention and organizational issues, as well with non-verbal learning spectrum disorders. Sherri’s guiding, strengths-based approach is, “It’s not how hard you work; it’s how you work hard.”

Sherri’s research projects and publications span the education, psychology and career worlds.  These include a recent article series for career professionals  Learning Theories Meet the Career World;  Multiple Intelligences: Double Loop Learning in the Workplace; and Personality Typing: What We’ve learned in 2500 Years; and with a colleague, a two-part series for college and university counselors of first year students integrating Positive Psychology principles with first-year assessment:  It Builds Character, But How Can We Tell? and Measuring, Appreciating, and Building Character. She writes a monthly column for www.pos-psych.com, the Positive Psychology News Daily.


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  1. Hi Sherri!
    I wanted to add a link to your site from our site. Do we have permission? You can view what we have been up to @ http://www.mainstreamconnections.org
    Thanks! Barbara Esham
    author of “The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses” children’s book series

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